WP5 Workshop: Value chain mapping and data collection for sustainability assessment of alternative proteins

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WP5 Workshop: Value chain mapping and data collection for sustainability assessment of alternative proteins

On January 23rd, the leaders of Giant Leaps' Work Package 5 presented an enlightening online workshop centered around value chain mapping and data collection tailored for sustainability assessment of alternative proteins.

This collaborative virtual workshop specifically focused on the products encompassed within the Giant Leaps project. This includes diverse products such as fava beans, lentils, rapeseed, single-cell proteins, cricket flour, microalgae, oats, cultured beef, and quinoa.

Throughout the course of this workshop, participants were introduced to and engaged in discussions concerning preliminary value chain mappings for several of these protein sources. The focus revolved around the following aspects:

  • Identifying and analyzing sustainability Hotspots: Delving into sustainability impacts along the value chains of alternative proteins
  • Navigating data collection challenges: Deliberating on the potential issues and opportunities associated with collecting data for conducting a comprehensive sustainability assessment. This encompasses considerations such as environmental and social life cycle analyses, and life cycle costing.
  • Synergizing methodologies for assessment: Exploring issues related to aligning value chain mapping and sustainability assessment methodologies, with Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) methodologies. The goal is to draft meticulously aligned and standardized guidelines for alternative proteins.

The workshop served as a dynamic platform for exchange, paving the way for practical strategies and methodologies that will contribute to the sustainable advancement of alternative protein production and consumption.

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